Home … Always Home

Huh … so much for that ‘update more often once grad school is done’ I promised myself. Let’s just start off with an update and see how things go from there.

The world is ending! But we seem to be handling that pretty well.

Luckily the town we live in is rural so we’ve had zero problems getting food of any sort. In fact, a lot of the local farmers have put things together for ease of ordering so we are getting fresh veggies and stuff on a regular basis. I think our fridge is packed more now than it usually is. We’ve also made Friday nights our ‘Order from a local joint and movie’ night. It’s been nice, as far as the world falling down around us.

The private college I work for went Work From Home a few weeks back. All our classes are online for the rest of the semester and apparently through the summer. This is a bit weird for me. I’m a tech support guy. My official title is Workstation Support Communications Administrator, which is a really fancy way of saying “I fix computers and make sure words look good”. But it’s very hard to fix computers when you aren’t on campus nor is anyone else. So I spend a lot of time these days emailing professors and troubleshooting stuff via email or the occasional remote desktop. And a lot of Google Hangout meetings.

On the plus side, my home office is now out on our four seasons porch. I’m surrounded by a ton of windows, plenty of sunlight, and lots of fresh air. It’s not bad all things considered. It’s taken me a bit of get used to the ‘at home’ discipline but I’m getting there. My at-home coworkers, however, can be a pain in the ass sometimes.