It’s Been A While

So yeah … it’s been a while.

To be honest, I could have sworn that I’d posted since announcing my acceptance into Grad School. Seems I haven’t so let’s do a little recap of the past year or so.

Yes, I am still pursing my MFA. Seton Hill has been good to me. I was paired up with a New York Times best selling author who acted as a mentor for my first two semesters. Maria V Synder was and is great. Now that I’ve entered my third semester, I got a new mentor (this is according to plan and everyone does it) – Scott Johnson, a horror author out of Texas. He’s a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn from him. My thesis novel is about halfway complete and coming together nicely. 60,000+ words.

Class wise, I’ve taken two Reading in Genres (RiGs). Classic Fantasy was fine – a lot of stuff I’ve read before and long novels, which made for some tough weeks. I followed that up with Noir Mystery which I loved. Made me want to write a mystery sometime in the future. This semester is Thrillers. Too early to tell on that one. Each of the residencies have been enjoyable as well and I do look forward to traveling to Seton Hill and seeing my classmates.

Outside of school – work continues. Not much else to say there. No marathons in the planning for now as I decided to put that on hold until grad school was complete. Cats are all fine as is Steph.

So there is the recap of the past year or so. Hopefully I won’t be so absent in the future. Hahah…yeah, right.