The ‘Oops I Forgot To Update’ Update

Hi there blog.

Yes, yes, I know I haven’t updated you in a long while. I’m sorry, really, I am. What’s my excuse? Well …

Summer has been really busy around here – both in and out of work. The start of the school year is always crazy and this one was no exception. Constant broken computers, late arriving faculty and staff, folks showing up at the last second and crying that ‘X is not ready!’ despite having months they could have tested it out ahead of time. So hectic, to say the least.

Outside of work has been more fun (but no less busy). There’s the garden which hasn’t seen the best year ever. The cool, dry summer followed by heat and wet didn’t do us any favors. The pepper crop Steph has been growing took a beating from that and a recent thunderstorm that destroyed all their protection. We’ve also been making cider. Lots and lots of cider. Nearly 22 gallons yesterday alone and the trees are still loaded.

Less than a third of the apples pressed on Sunday.

And then there have been the home improvement projects. Over the course of this summer, we’ve done the following: resided the garage, replaced the garage door and opener, replaced the side/people garage door, replaced the back door to the house, put in new carpet in the bedroom and office, put in new tile in the bathroom, replaced the toilet in the bathroom (because the old one broke while during the tile project), and of course the lawn which has become nice and thick and thwarts my attempts at mowing. This means there is really only one ‘old’ thing left on the house – the chimney. And we are working on getting that replaced next spring. For now though, we bask in our lovely house and enjoy it.

Here’s to hoping that the fall and winter make for better blog updating.