400+ Post Site Rotation

We are in the process of moving Moose and Ink (plus other assorted sites) over to a new server. The process should take a couple of days during which the blog may be up, may be down, might be messed up, or whatnot.

Also, there may be some inadvertent RSS notifications and if those do come out, sorry about it in advance. Hopefully it won’t flood all your RSS Reader.

Hopefully it’ll be painless and I won’t be reduced to a fit of panic, sobbing in a corner and attempting to crawl into a Root Beer bottle.

The Word Count : January

Here be the official Word Count report of January.

January Word Count
(Click to embiggen)

In a perfect world, the Word Count column (first one to the right of the date) would have 250 or in each. And there wouldn’t be any red blocks either (which indicate how far I am behind where I should be). So this ain’t good.

Let’s start off by saying that I knew January would be rough. Trying to shrug off the shackles of writers block and embarking on something like this is always a challenge. It’s not uncommon for me to stumble out of the starting gate and pick up steam later. Then, the marathon, of course, which would take me away from my computer for a week (and to be honest, I rarely write on vacations anyway).

What I did not expect was whatever illness descended upon me and left me too exhausted to spell my own name, let alone contemplate a fantasy novel. After two weeks, I’m getting better but I lost a *lot* of writing time in there. Not a lot I can really say or do about that.

Here it is again in graphical format. The blue line should be even or above the red line. Er … yeah, not good. ¬†February is already shaping up better but there’s going to be a lot of long nights ahead.

January Word Count Graph
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* I’m using the Spreadsheet of Shame from Daryl Gregory, a very handy tool that someone whose name I regretfully cannot recall linked off Twitter.