Still Ticking

Life has been busy.   What’s changed since the last posting?

The search to replace me at my job continues and it’s getting really close to the end.  Maybe in a few weeks we’ll have a replacement and life will suddenly become normal.  In the meantime, I’m working two jobs while not being at either one fully.   I covered that in the last post so no need to rehash it.

Steph is gone a lot.  In April, she’ll be gone three out of four weeks.  We’re both enjoying it as much as you might think. She’s home for the next two weeks and appropriately, I took a day off to spend it with her.  We got much accomplished around the house and just enjoyed each other’s presence cuz sometimes you just need to do that.

To keep me occupied, I was able to order the parts and build a brand new computer.  Quad Core, 8GB RAM, Solid State Drive,ultra graphics card – the works.  It’s a beast.  The shiny keeps me entertained.

Winter refuses to leave, no matter how much we beg, plead, and try to bribe it.  On the plus side, I’ve been able to get out for runs once or twice a week which helps my mood immensely.

My dentist (aka, the Spawn of Satan) has informed me that I need to have my wisdom teeth taken out.  This will happen sometime in the next year, probably in January or February after we arrange for some flex spending.  Again, totally thrilled.

Writing is still … stuck.  I kinda figured out something that is helping but the writer’s block is still there.  I honestly don’t think it’ll go away until work calms down and my brain has a chance to re-org itself.  That can’t come soon enough.  I miss writing immensely.

That’s all I got.  Here’s a picture of a dog that didn’t like being woken up to have his picture taken.


Ever hear the phrase ‘Let sleeping dogs lie?’ It’s cuz they look like this when they wake up.

New Digs

I started my new job on Friday and the first task before me …

Some cleaning required.

A bit of a mess, one might say.  Unseen are the cabinets to the left which were equally disastrous.  In cleaning up, we uncovered 29 Macbooks in various states of repair (one of my jobs is to go through and find out exactly what state they are in), four iMacs, cables, adapters, and over 100 Windows 95 CDs among other things.  Why, I have no idea.   When I finally managed to clear the desk, I found a second layer underneath including dozens of Post-It notes with important information written on them.  That all went into a folder which I then had to put into a couple of spreadsheets.

Needless to say, it’s been a bit of work.  Still, I think it’s paid off plus I got a great view.

Sparkly. Definitely very sparkly.


Farwell Hall and beyond that, the college’s windmill (very hard to see in this light).


So things are trending upwards but not without a few hitches.  The task of switching jobs is proving a bit more daunting than I thought.  In the morning, I have to be of the Help Desk mindset.  In the afternoon it’s learning my new duties.  But due to the way things are right now, I can’t get completely out of the Help Desk mindset as I’m often called upon to do things over there.  So there are times I’m not sure which direction I’m being pulled.

I’ll figure it out.  Eventually.  In the meantime, I’ll just go with what I got.