How Things Go

Next Friday is the official start date of my new job.  I get a new office with a window and new duties abound.

While I’m looking forward to it, I’m also a realist and know that it’s not going to be an easy or clean switch.  The college is notorious for taking its time to hire new staff so there’s a possibility it’ll be summer before someone is hired to replace me.  Hoping that isn’t the case but we’ll see.  In the meantime, I’ll be doing half-days at the old job and half days at the new one.  So there’s a lot of hard work yet ahead.

That said, just the mere prospect has alleviated some of the stress that has been bearing down on me.  The thought of writing has once again crept into my mind.  If you glance over to the right, you’ll see a progress bar.  As I type this, it’s at 17%.  Except that to drop to zero in the next couple of days.  One of the few benefits of being pulled away from writing these past 5-6 months is that I’ve gotten detached from the story.  I was able to identify a bunch of flaws and I think I’ve got some fixes.  So I decided to start over with a new draft and see what comes of it.

Hard work ahead?  Yes.  But it’s kinda nice to be eager once again.



Is it safe to come out yet?

So I can finally say it – I have a new job.

Or I will on March 1st, actually.   That’s the day that I will step down as Technology Help Desk Lead and leave the Library to walk across campus to my new position as Workstation Support Communications Administrator.  Basically, I’m going to be the guy who fixes computers and writes all the fancy word stuff.

I’ve been at the Help Desk for ten years.  It’s been fun, exciting, and I get to work with some awesome students.  But it’s also been stressful.  The past couple of years have been extremely so and to be honest, there wasn’t any sign of it slowing down.  Steph and I had even talked about me just walking away and it wasn’t idle chat.

Then things fell into place – an opening in the department, a few tweaks and changes, and suddenly there was a spot.  I get to do somethings I love (write and technology) and I get to stay at the college, which I really do enjoy.  If there is anything I will miss, it’s going to be working with the students every day.  They are very cool and beyond as well.

Still, I’m happy and looking forward to it.

I’ll leave you with the e-mail I sent to my staff announcing the change:

Since you’re bound to hear it sooner or later …

Spring 2013 will be my last semester with the Technology Help Desk.

After ten years, it was time for a change. As it happened, things came together and made it apparent this was the right time. Throughout this semester, I will be drawing back on my duties and stepping down as Technology Help Desk Lead.

And then walking over to Main into my new position as Workstation Support Communications Administrator. Think of it as the guy who fixes computers and also writes all that fancy word stuff.

While I’ll be working mostly with Workstation Support, rest assured, I’m going to be around. I have no intention of abandoning the Help Desk and plan to be involved in things like Summer Registration, Move-In Weekend, and Fall/J-Term Training (as much as you’ll all have me).

In the coming weeks/months, LIS will be considering the position I’m leaving as it relates to the Help Desk and LIS. If you have any thoughts on the process, I’d be interested in hearing them. My door is open so stop on in. However things turn out, though, I know the Help Desk is in good hands and will continue to be a great place for students to work.

I can say with complete honesty that I’ve never had so much fun as I’ve had while working with the HD Staff. Even when you’re driving me insane. There’s been about 300 students that have passed through the Help Desk in my time here and I still count most of them as my friends. And even after I leave the Help Desk, my door will always be open.

Just don’t burn the place down. Even if it is Main.

Especially if it’s Main. Seriously … all my stuff is gonna be there.

Thanks for some great years.