Wednesday After Turkey Day

Here’s my bi-weekly update to prove that I’m still alive.  I have this fear that folks will think that I have been sucked into some temporal vortex where little gremlins will tear me apart and replace me with a shell that is populated by even smaller gremlins that will live my life unbeknownst to all my loved ones.

I could be over thinking this though.

Work is still work – busy and life sucking.  The ‘relief horizon’ keeps getting pushed back but holidays are coming up which means Finals are right around the corner so we’ll get a spike in activity, then a lull.  I’ll take it.

Thanksgiving was fun.  Went to Dubuque to see my family and then drove on to St. Louis to visit friends.  While there, I was given the task of naming their new kitten, tentatively called ‘Peep’.  I offered them ‘Little Bo’ or ‘Peep of Doom’.  Surprisingly, they didn’t take either one.

Writing progresses.  A little bit of work on Carrionhove but a lot of work on my query letter (where a sentence can equal a day’s work).  My goal is to have the query complete by the end of the month so I can start sending it out in December/January.  Also came up with a plot for another novel that I might do after Carrionhove but that’ll be then.

Peep’s nefarious attempt to sit on Steph until she cried for mercy. Steph held out for 2 hours before succumbing.


Steph is gone on yet another business trip, leaving the kids and I to fend for ourselves.  In times like this, everyone pitches in to make sure all the chores get done in a timely matter.

Pre-rinse cycle. Some of us approach the job with great enthusiasm.
I missed a spot? Where?