It’s Amazing How Much Carrying Rolled Up Carpet Looks Like You’re Carrying a Body

“I should have known this was going to be hard the second I said it was going to be easy.”

That single quote, uttered by yours truly, summarizes just about this entire day. We started a little after 7:30am and wrapped up around 7:30pm.  Twelve straight hours of electrical work, ripping up carpet, padding, and tack strips, installing a new fan, running a network cable through the house, and even more painting.  Few things went according to plan but despite all that, we managed to get all but one item on our checklist complete.

Fortunately, Sunday is going to be a short day.  Steph plans on painting the rest of the living room and I plan and taking out all the counters and the last remaining cabinets (which are basically just shells now).  Then we’re going off to Empty Bowls with my parents who are coming up from Dubuque and relaxing the rest of the day.

Not a single tear was shed in tearing up this carpet.
Some people tear up their carpet and find beautiful hardwood floors or intricate stonework. We found ... this.
Rolled up carpet is wonderful for disposing of unwanted guests ... er, I mean, things. Yeah, that's it. *shifty eyes*
As naked as the day it was built.