Christmas Gift Fail

Like most husbands, I wanted to find my wife a Christmas gift that was thoughtful and would warm her heart all through the Holiday season.

And like most husbands, I didn’t have a clue what she wanted.  So I spent a lot of time searching.  Soul searching.  Web searching.  Magazine searching. Google searching.  Finally I gave up and resorted to searching through her text messages and e-mails until I got an idea.*

Last week I found just the right gift from [Redacted Company].  As a bonus, [Redacted Company] offered gift wrapping which I readily accepted.  This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has received one of my Yes-That’s-A-Present-No-It’s-Not-Discarded-Wrapping-Paper gifts.  So I placed the order and waited for it to arrive.

This meant keeping an eye on the mailbox.  See, Steph works from home and typically brings in mail and any packages.  But I didn’t want her to see this package. [Redacted Company] makes a number of items but her interest in them is fairly narrow so I suspect she’d know what her gift was without any trouble.  Kind of ruins the surprise, eh?  Because the tracking information I was sent never updated, I also couldn’t have her avoid checking for packages on a specific date.

Fortunately, the package arrived today and Steph hadn’t checked yet so I got lucky.  And as per my request, the package was gift wrapped.

In wrapping paper that loudly declared [Redacted Company] in bold letters.


So thanks to [Redacted Company], Steph will be opening one of my Yes-That’s-A-Present-No-It’s-Not-Discarded-Wrapping-Paper gifts.  Christmas – Tis the Season to be Jolly, despite [Redacted Company’s] best efforts.

 * Well, no, I asked her but this version sounds much better.