Here, There, and Everywhere

Steph’s back from Portland.  I’m back from San Francisco.  And we’re both back from our whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend tour of Dubuque and St. Louis.

All the trips can be declared a success.

Steph did whatever business she had to do and didn’t start a riot, like she did when she left Pennsylvania.  I survived the conference, enjoyed the sights, and indulged in really good sushi.  St. Louis was particularly enjoyable but especially so for our friends, Becky and Simon.  Neither of them had to go to the hospital like last year’s visit.  So hey, score!

But the whole time we were away from home – while on the West Coast or down enjoying the Loop in St. Louie, I had a single, constant nagging worry in the back of my mind:

Is my house safe from the scourge of Lawn Gnomes?

Well, while we were in St. Louis, we picked up a deterrent.  I shall sleep soundly tonight.

Rid Yourself of Troublesome Gnomes!