Tree Here

Tucker struck a blow for victory in the war against the squirrels as a tree came down in our yard this week.

We didn’t really want it to come down but there wasn’t much of a choice.  The tree had been struck with lightning and its roots exposed over time.  The previous owner, rather than treat the problem, opted to mow over the roots which allowed disease and rot to set in.  I’d guess maybe a quarter of the tree fell this past year with parts landing in the backyard (good) or on top of the garage (not so good).

This change confuses Tucker to no end.  He still runs out there, all ready to bark and defend us from the squirrels that used to hide up there and taunt him, only to find it a large, empty space.  It’s kind of like what would happen if a dog caught the car.

“Well … now what?”

Fortunately for him, it won’t stay empty for too long.  Steph has plans to put some berry bushes back there and maybe even an apple tree.  I’m sure some squirrels will move in and, if not, I’m sure an apple will fall on his head and give him something completely new to bark about.

Tree Gone