Jack Frost Has Your Nose

Yup, it’s cold.

Despite what the calendar says (December 22nd), Winter is here. Temperatures at around -23 with the wind chill.

To put into perspective – that is cold enough that the moisture on your teeth freezes should you be foolish enough not to wear a scarf. It’s cold enough that the fluid in your eyeballs start to reconsider its liquid state and weighs the option of moving toward a solid. This, of course, has an adverse affect on your ability to see, thus causing you to walk to work like a pirate with one eye closed. Negative 23 below is cold enough that you wrap your head in a scarf, a hat, and a hood, so tightly that you can’t just turn your head to look for traffic while crossing the road. Instead, you turn your whole body, looking like some sort of stiff animation from the early ages of television.

Yes, despite the calendar, Winter is here.  And it’s a right nasty bloke.