For Want of a Horse’s Neck

The past couple of weeks, I’ve had a craving to put together a puzzle.  It was rather, oh, what’s the word, perplexing?  Normally puzzles and I don’t get along well.  Steph and I very much enjoy doing the Mystery Puzzles though so we headed out to find one.  The local stores didn’t carry any but Steph found the ‘World’s Smallest 1,000 Piece Puzzle’.  We decided to put it together, a good bonding time as husband and wife.

And it was .  Much like driving across the country crammed into a car with your extended family.  Joy.  Crying.  Swearing.  More swearing.  Threats of immolation.  And we were pissed at the puzzle too.

As we neared out goal, as the pieces fell into place (literally), we discovered something.  Our 1,000 piece puzzle was actually 999 pieces.  We were missing the back of a horse’s neck.

I do believe I’ll carry out that threat of immolation now.