These Paws Were Made For Walking

Caption: Tucker at his favorite place on earth – the Community Prairie.

Tucker, for all the bored genius of a dog that he is, knows how to tell time.  How do I know this?  When I come home around noon-ish for lunch, he can barely get himself up to be let out.  Doesn’t matter if I come home at 11am or 2pm.  Tucker’s not in a hurry.  He knows I’ll let him out and then he gets a treat when I go back to work.

But when 4:30 comes about, Tucker knows it’s time for a walk.  He’s sitting in the front window, waiting for me, keeping an eye on the road for me.  And as soon as he spots me, Tucker becomes the most excited canine in the universe.  Steph thinks this is funny.  I remind her that he likes to bark.  A lot.

She doesn’t care.  I don’t think he does either.