So … 2021. Well, it can’t really be that much worse than 2020, can it?

Truth be told, 2020 did have some of it’s bright moments. I graduated with my Master of Fine Arts and I was able to keep my job throughout the pandemic, as did Steph. We both kept our health and maybe improved some due to having plenty of time to work out. So for us – hey, stuff didn’t suck terribly.

On the creative front, I finished off a D&D campaign that was 3.5 years in the making (maybe I’ll write on that sometime later) and started up a new one. It may not sound like much but it was about all I could bring forth into existence this year. Hopefully this new year will bring with it some writing. I hope to post more on the blog as well but not going to make a resolution for that. We know how those go around here (looks at last post *cringe*).

So off to a new year. May it be better. And here, have a picture of the lovely snow outside my office window.